The Reach

We worked with The Reach to create a new look for their well-established climbing centre.  Developing a strategy to promote their site as the home of South London Climbing, we produced a new website, large format print and video content.

We worked sensitively through team workshops to uncover solutions that would make a difference. As the project progressed we produced a range of brand concepts which were shared with the public. We constructed questionnaires to bring a wider audience into the decision making process

We arrived at an evolved brand identity. The logo is supported by a range of punchy colours that integrate into a graphic cross-hatched pattern, simulating the effect of ropes. We use the colours as a gradient overlay for still and moving images.

To populate the website, social media and all brand materials, we produced a range of video and photography content shot over 2 days on site.

We worked from the ground up to develop a new custom built website, integrating an internal booking system and on-site registrations. With over 80% of The Reach's current audience searching for the website on mobile, we designed unique interactions that make mobile the priority.

We knew this would be a large undertaking and are thrilled to have chosen Forage. Their patient and considered process exposed issues both on and offline, which they solved quickly with adaptable and relevant solutions.

Brenda Sanderson  - Managing Director, The Reach

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