Forage Studio is a London and Bristol based creative design agency for startups, creatives, communities and established businesses.

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Trusted Experience

With extensive experience working with globally recognised brands across marketing, strategy, events and arts and culture campaigns, we like to feel we offer something unique to each design project we work on. Unlike many traditional website/branding practices, we thrive in continually exploring creative ways we can generate practical solutions that often go beyond the realms of design.

Brands our team have worked with over the years

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Bespoke Services

We are a small and bespoke practice that pride ourselves on taking into account the full picture, working collaboratively and passionately no matter the scale of the project. We have a genuine care for positive change and work closely with our clients to deliver; Branding, Web Design & Development, UX/UI, Content and Marketing Support.

Web design projects done by Forage Studio

Because positive change & values matter

Our story is one that champions well-being, environmental and social projects. We are big on supporting initiatives that inspire positive change and improve prospects for the future by any means we can. We love working on projects that encourage reconnection to nature, mental well-being care and community outreach projects. Always ready to get involved and speak to like minded people, we encourage you to get in touch to see how we can help.

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Working with design should be enjoyable

We believe in straightforward, uncomplicated, jargon free communication and let the visuals do the talking. Everyone wants a solution that works for them as well as for their audience.  So that’s what we spend our time discussing. The things that count.

Delve Architects

It’s been a great experience working with Forage, they elevated our brand identity with a clever interactive web design and graphic materials. They managed to bring our fun, engaging and explorative approach to life with a website we can be proud of.

Alex Raher

Forage Studio are a friendly, engaging and passionate team to work with. Helping us develop our studio brand was no small task, but we couldn’t have been happier to have found them! They were able to work effectively within our closely knit team to produce a brand identity that echoes our values and engages our audience. Their work has truly helped turn this start-up turn into a success.

Tania Eber
Levelsix Cafe

Forage have felt like an extension of Levelsix, their ability to understand our customers and to translate that into design work is invaluable. In particular, Matt is able to put ideas I have for my menus into a format and style that suits my own vision and reflects the brand.

Woody Pyke
The Reach

We knew this would be a large undertaking and are thrilled to have chosen Forage. Their patient and considered process exposed issues both on and offline, which they solved quickly with adaptable and relevant solutions.

Brenda Sanderson
Managing Director
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Connected Community

We highly value community connection, and love the passion and insight gained by working collectively. We reach out to our local community, other businesses and individuals to get under the hood and learn from those around us.

Industries we specialise in:

Music | Design and Architecture | Wellbeing and fitness | Community | Sport and leisure | Nature | Engineering | Sustainability

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