We produce photography, video and visuals to support brand growth

Capturing and curating appropriate imagery to accompany any kind of brand material or website is crucial to success. We help by producing content with purpose to aid in converting your relevant audience into active customers.

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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

How important is photography for my business?

The power of imagery is essential for impact. If a relevant photo is used in an advert compared with text alone, people are 55% more likely to retain the information three days later. We offer bespoke photographic solutions, whether that's carefully curated stock imagery or a specific photoshoot to support your new website or brand.

What is a promotional video and why do I need one?

A promotional video usually shows the benefit of the product or service in a relatable way to your audience. This would usually be short, under 60secs so that it can be easily shared on social. With a promotional video we can help you show the benefit of your products or service in a relatable way to your audience.

Social video generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined. It’s no surprise that over 87% of all online marketers use videos to create online promotions.

Should I use stock imagery or have a photoshoot?

It’s always best to show your audience exactly what they’re getting... The actual product, the inside of your real venue or examples of your work etc.  Online consumers respond better to a personalised approach and are often savvy to stock imagery. So, if using stock imagery, you must shop carefully and use sensitively, this is something we can offer guidance on.

What do I need to set up a photoshoot for my brand?

The best time to set up a photoshoot is when the product, venue or offering is ‘ready for trial’. What we mean by this, is that the final branding, colour scheme, demographic is in place. So that the photos or videos can be used for as long as possible and look spot on! It is also worth considering drafting out a shot list, recruiting models, preparing scripts and scouting locations before contracting the shoot.

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