Cosmo Pyke




The official music website for Cosmo Pyke

Cosmo Pyke is an exciting and passionate South East London artist and multi-instrumentalist that combines indie, jazz and blues mixed with elements of hip-hop. Working collectively we designed an official music website to showcase his latest releases and video content, harnessing his unique style to resonate with his global fanbase.

Bespoke website

Combining Cosmo’s signature colours, graphics and sounds to develop a unique experience for fans

We sampled elements from Super 8mm film footage to sensitively frame video content and utilised Cosmo’s signature bold colours and minimal typographic style throughout the site to develop an eye-catching look and a unique experience. Solid colours and a white star logo are a staple of Cosmo’s brand. We incorporated these elements into loading screens, drag interactions, and scroll animations throughout the site.

Promoting releases

Supporting new releases with social media campaigns and website takeovers

An important part of working with Cosmo was finding new ways to promote his latest releases. With this in mind, we developed a social media campaign that funneled Cosmo’s audience directly to Spotify, variations of the promotion aided with the lead up to the releases and post-release. We used the website to act as an additional promotion tool to the latest release, with homepage takeovers and a digital countdown clock. It was incredibly important to have a fully responsive website because the majority of traffic directed to the site came from mobile browsers