Web Design

Our Approach

Rifu are a start-up who came to us at the early stages to develop a brand identity as well as a set of website/app concepts to display how their platform could look. Rifu is a community led-rewards model which intends to help promote local businesses by inviting members of the community to promote and benefit. This project was a fantastic opportunity to exercise a wide variety of UI/UX concepts.

Our Approach

Beginning with series of discovery workshops to inform the brand direction and prototype concepts, we worked collaboratively to identify, brand positioning, customer profiling, and user experience pathways. To ensure the brand has scope for further development, we prototyped the initial platform in depth.

UX/UI Prototypes

With our concepts we looked to challenge typical marketing platforms by creating unique designs and interactions within the site. Devising cohesive user flows allowed Rifu to look at possibilities for the product engagement in multiple situations. We payed a close eye to mobile iterations, creating a fully responsive design was important to us because due to the offering, the majority of traffic would be generated through mobile.

I'm so glad that we found Forage to help develop a new brand identity and initial wire frames for our marketing start-up. We were incredibly impressed by the passion and understanding they showed about the project, going above and beyond to research helpful solutions and overall producing a great looking brand. We hope to work with them again soon.

Daniel Scarborough
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