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Levelsix is a yoga studio based in the heart of South East London. The young company was eager to create a place for feeling good, eating well, and enjoying great yoga and movement classes. Our ongoing mission with Levelsix has been to promote community engagement, welcoming classes and top teachers to a growing audience.

Branding Process

We started this journey with a series of discovery workshops that covered customer profiling, brand positioning, establishing values and user experience pathways. We arrived at a brand that takes inspiration from eastern mindfulness practices. To support the logo we produced handcrafted yoga illustrations that take influence from Fauvism movement.

Website Design

Working closely with the team we produced a bespoke Squarespace website with a range of branded visuals and a MindBodyOnline booking integration. The resulting build was a minimal, fresh and natural look, that integrates brand and content tastefully. As well as an easily updatable system for the staff to monitor daily

Forage Studio are a friendly, engaging and passionate team to work with. Helping us develop our studio brand was no small task, but we couldn’t have been happier to have found them! They were able to work effectively within our closely knit team to produce a brand identity that echoes our values and engages our audience. Their work has truly helped turn this start-up turn into a success.

Tania Eber
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