Rock + Poppins

Interior design studio

Strategic workshops


Producing a brand identity, materials and website for experts in interior design

Rock + Poppins are a London based multidisciplinary studio, specialising in interior, architectural and experiential design. With an already established market and portfolio of work - we had the exciting task of producing a new website and refreshed brand identity for them. The new website needed to act as digital base camp to share their fantastic case studies, rich history, and to assist in widening their client base. It was important that it appealed to both a residential and commercial audience.

Collaborative Design

Working closely together, designer to designer, we experimented with concepts and found solutions as a team

As our friends at Rock + Poppins are designers themselves, this became a wonderful project for collaboration (which we love). We explored concepts together through organised brand workshops and weekly reviews, everyone had the opportunity to input on the visual direction of both the branding and website. Working so closely together we were able to hash out exactly where the pain points were, how to overcome them and how to produce a website they could be truly proud of and of course, easily edit for years to come.

Balanced brand duality

Duality was an important consideration - the rough and the smooth, the serious and the playful, the matt and the gloss...

The logo for Rock + Poppins incorporates a ‘+’ symbol as its center point. The plus divides the text and represents their complimentary brand duality… the rough and the smooth, the serious and the playful, the matt and the gloss… the residential and commercial - We wove this interplay into the website design itself with flowing graphic lines that split pages at various cross points and upon entering the site spins the plus symbol then and opens the page like doors to a room.


" As designers ourselves, with strong visual ideas - Our website needed to look super-slick & visually razor-sharp, totally speak our brand language, and also appeal to our more corporate clients. Forage Studio took our thoughts, added some magic, and very eloquently expanded them into web designs & ideascapes that were absolutely eye-opening, inter-weaving exciting visual content with very clever, strategical marketing ideas. The project was great fun to work on and we are totally thrilled to bits with our new website & branding. We know that Matt & his team at Forage Studio will be there for us for any future assistance we may require, and that’s a great feeling - new friends & design colleagues for life! "

Jo Ash
Director - Rock & Poppins
Rock + Poppins