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Sobart re-define the art of construction, we helped them to spread the word.

Sobart have been constructing high-end properties in London for over 20 years. With their meticulous focus on quality finishes, it’s no surprise that their client base is trusted with no shortage of exciting projects. After years of consistent development, it was time for us to come in and help develop a new brand identity for the company and to showcase signature projects with a website.


The full scope of the project spanned over six months of close collaboration

During this time we got to know the team well enough to produce a visual identity, marketing materials and a new website that will make tangible impacts on their business. The brand identity helps to solidify their visual presence on-site, to their clients as well as supporting cohesion of their team. It now meets the visual expectations of their client base, and to display their projects online now allows for a more simple medium to present their portfolio to potential clients.