Nozawa Hospitality

Japanese tourism



Helping visitors engage with the traditional Japanese ski village of Nozawa Onsen by supporting a wonderful local company

Over the past 10 years Nozawa Hospitality have created a wide and complementary brand portfolio of hotels, self-contained lodges and apartments in the Japanese ski village of Nozawa Onsen. Through their unique local knowledge, they enhance experiences for visitors during their stay with tailored lifestyle experiences and exceptional service. To elevate and support their growing online presence, we set out to produce functional, relevant and creative solutions that would make real impact.


Making Nozawa Hospitality the ‘go-to place’ for accommodation and tourism services in the area

As Nozawa Hospitality has so much to offer, we had to pull out all the stops… So we created a comprehensive and entirely bespoke multi-language tourism website that showcases Nozawa Hospitality as the ‘go-to place’ for accommodation and tourism services in Nozawa Onsen. The centralised website includes; interactive menus, videos, maps and contact forms, as well as a complex and visually appealing set of CMS collections for their properties, rooms, events, workshops, activities, and blogs.

Creating a consistent digital brand visual to bring the team and properties together

As many of Nozawa Hospitality’s properties have their own personality and USPs, we created a unified brand identity that synchronised and championed their collective relationship. With digital being the focus, we crafted a host of unique UI elements that could support communication with their customers and clients. We then used the updated digital brand identity to produce a series of smaller websites to level up their property portfolio. Each website shares the functional benefits however each is uniquely tailored to the property itself.