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Delve are an architecture and design practice based in South London with a lot of energy to create spaces that encourage joy and connectivity between people. Working together with the Delve team we designed and developed a bespoke website and branding materials to champion their brand values and projects in a rich and engaging way.

Bespoke website

The Delve brand logo utilises an 8degree angle to split the title, we built on this feature to create 4 unique shapes that we could use for a range of creative design purposes. We carefully balanced colour with the angled shapes to produce an interactive homepage hero, menu graphics and floating background textures across the site.

Brand materials

As well as developing Delve’s new website we produced a range of branding materials that were used to promote services and to engage new customers with visual proposals. To develop materials that worked for Delve and their requirements, it was essential for us to get under the hood of all of their services to effectively improve the translation.

It’s been a great experience working with Forage, they elevated our brand identity with a clever interactive web design and graphic materials. They managed to bring our fun, engaging and explorative approach to life with a website we can be proud of.

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