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Rise is an Osteopathic practice that have been offering a holistic treatments to their local community for over 15 years. We were asked to refresh the brand look and feel and to create a clean, image lead website. We produced a new colour palette, fonts, textures and suggested imagery for the website. The new web platform involved integrating a booking system, producing a CMS powered blog and events for specialist clinics.


It was important for us to create a brand identity that is inviting, warm, and professional. We produced mood boards and style scapes to understand what visuals work best against the setting of the practice. The refreshed branding consists of a clean, modern, sans-serif typeface, inviting warm tones, relaxing greens, and blues that encourage the feeling of trust and calm.

Brand development

To produce the website design, we had to fully understand the business and details around the offerings. We spent time to get under the hood of the buisiness and offer a plan that worked for all practitioners working at Rise. To ensure conversion rates are high we strategically placed CTA’s as well as integrated a third party booking system for clients. Now clients can choose a treatment and request an appointment with the specialist in seconds.

I love our new website design. Matt and the Justas did an incredible job navigating our old content to make the customer experience more digestible and visually pleasing. They were patient, understanding and professional, I couldn’t recommend them enough for branding and website design/development.

Elaine Gregory
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